Whole House Fan Installation
Whole House Fan Installation

Attic/Whole House Fan Installation in New York City

Our Whole House Fan Installation services will increase your home’s air quality and reduce your electricity bills between 50-90%.  A whole house fan in the ceiling of your home passes air from the living space into the attic. It forces hot air out and pulls cooler air from the outside of the home into the living space. It expenses less than central air conditioning to install and operate.

Installing the Whole House Fan

Book A Crewe has a group of experienced professionals to install IT perfectly. We recommend you choose a skilled Service Pro to ensure the safety of you and your home.

Whole House Fan Installation Process

First, our Service Pro(s) will select the perfect position to install your new whole house fan ventilator grill. The Service Pro(s) ceiling grills are shaped to suit your needs and effortlessly install in either a ceiling or a wall. They will just spot your ceiling or wall opening using the template and cut out the present drywall using their modern device.

Just after cutting out the opening, they will install IT in your attic and will hang the motorhead, and the audio insulated flexible ducting from the beams. They will attach the unit using metal belts preinstalled on the motorhead. By overhanging the fan from the beams, they will decrease vibration and confirm your whole house fan is undertone at all times.

Now it is time to install your ceiling grill at your opening position. They will solely pull the ceiling grill over the drywall opening and then place the decorative cover.

Lastly, we will go for wiring. Your whole house fan features an 8-foot pre installed cable to mark this final job plug-and-go easy. It is really simple to install IT.

Using Your Whole House Fan

We suggest you install IT with a digital timer with automatic on/off control. Alternatively, by pushing the timer’s button, you can feel relaxed to turn it off manually.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority. Have more questions, Contact Support Here

When Hiring An Installer, We Recommend:

1. Make sure your installer has accurate training and licenses.

2. Discuss and ask for his past work experience.

3. Make sure there are no objections against the installer.

Selecting a Perfect Whole House Fan

Fan Speed

Two-speed allow the full house to be ventilated swiftly at high speed and then deliver gentle airflow at the lower, quieter speed. Adjustable speed units offer more flexibility in choosing the desired air movement.

Control Options 

Controls may be multi-speed rotary wall switches, simple on/off pull or wall switches, or a timer that robotically shuts off the fan at a pre-selected time.


Dampers or louvers naturally function automatically whenever IT operates. Motorized dampers exist but are not essential if the louvers are properly installed and maintained. Suitable opening and closing of louvers are dangerous with it performance.

Motor mounts and noise 

A direct drive unit has its  blades connected directly to the motor’s shaft. It is typically less costly to purchase and controls at higher rpm’s than its belt-driven counterpart. A belt-driven unit, which normally sorts a larger diameter fan with four or more blades or may be quieter, but will necessitate the maintenance of the pulley and belt

Looking for an installer? 

Our Service Pro(s) are highly skilled in this sector. We have a group of capable and trained technicians, handymen, and contractors. We are a customer-oriented company. We believe in perfection. At each stage, our team will assist you and guide you with reasonable advice. We help to remove any extra service costs of our customers by providing the right services. You can contact us at any time.

What we do

  • We will set up a new ventilating attic fan.
  • Then, we set up a dedicated 120 V 15A circuit adjacent to the unit. 
  • Set up wall switch.
  • After which, we build support framing and opening.
  • Mount and secure IT.
  • Insulate fan perimeter.
  • Connect and secure NM power wiring and switch wiring to the unit.
  • Power unit and check proper performance.
  • Includes planning, area preparation and protection, setup, and cleanup. (Material & Supplies not Included)

Customer satisfaction is our main priority. Have more questions, Contact Support Here


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