Hey, thank you for requesting our service.   I wanted to let you know a little more about us, what to expect next and the service we provide.

BOOKACREWE has been delivering results since we’ve started our operation 2017. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers and our ServicePro(s).  We do this by providing a network of Service Pro(s) who have been screened and insured plus any licenses provided are verified.  We work closely with our ServicePro(s) and are there with you from the beginning to the end to make sure they provide quality services and is covered by their warranty, so you are never alone with random contractor who has not been screened nor vetted. 

No matter how small the job, our Service Pro never request full payment up front.  They usually request a deposit of 10% to 50% of Labor charges to schedule and confirm Job Appointment. Once scheduled you will need to pay the ServicePro(s) up-front for any Material and Supplies not provided by you.

A Service Pro(s) in your area will be reaching out to you soon. You can even view their services and profiles on our site by clicking Book A Service, or use the profile link we send you once the Service Pro is assigned and we send a service request confirmation email.

If you are no longer interested in this request, please click CLOSE REQUEST so we know to close your request.

Click Here to view the ServicePro warranty. If you decide to use the ServicePro(s) directly without our knowledge whether on this job or any future jobs we cannot enforce the warranty nor help solve any issues you encounter with that ServicePro(s), therefore we advise if you would like to add additional work or have a new project you would like to use them for in the future you contact us directly.

Thanks in advance!


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