Ceiling fan installation

Ceiling fan installation

I have purchased a Monte Carlo minimalist ceiling fan. The existing condition is an old style elec pancake box. Its fastened to the ceiling support structure, but the connection is not visible. Also, it is set in plaster. I need:
– Removal of the existing backbox
– Cut existing plaster to allow installation of new ceiling fan backbox and support
– Install new backbox
– Repair plaster
– Assemble fan
– Install fan

Protection will be required. I do not know how much disturbance to plaster will be required, but assuming a full cutout, I will need half of my living room tented, plastic with a zipper, floor protection, RAM board or similar. Otherwise the dust will go everywhere, which I do not want. This is about 75 sf. Floor to ceiling is about 9ft. There is a door to the balcony where the dust can be vented. Please also bring an exhaust fan to get the dust out.

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