Grab Bar Installation

Man Hours: 2.2 Hrs
No. of Units/Quality: 1 Bar
May require grab bar installation material & supplies.

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Grab Bar Installation base price for the installation. Mark the location to install grab bar, drill holes to mount grab bar in wall framing studs. Install the grab bar securely along with any trim hardware.  This price includes labor only to plan, setup, install, and clean. Labor price may change if the scope of work changes for your grab bar installation service based on our onsite review  The estimated project time of 3hrs requires 1 Pro.

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What is a Grab Bar?

    A grab bar is a safety device that gives support and maintains balance. The grab bar helps to lessen fatigue when standing.  It also assists with maneuvering by hold some of their weight.  For example, if you have a broken leg and need to stand up, you put your weight on the Grab bar for support instead of putting that weight on your leg.  Grab bar is also helpful for caregivers who need to assist patients.  Instead of supporting a patient’s weight, which could damage their own health, they can have the patient reduce the weight load by holding on to a grab bar for support.

Where should a Grab Bar be installed?

   A grab bar is installed in a secure location that supports the weight of the person using it.  The safest place is the framing studs, which are located 16″ apart on the center of the wall. The installer should also use the manufacturer recommended mounting anchors to secure.  For example, in the shower, the ADA recommends installing two bars on the back wall of the shower stall.  They suggest that you install one 8″ to 10″ from the rim of the tub, and the other grab bar should be 33″ to 36″ should be parallel to the base of the tub.

Do you know the Grab Bar code?

    Even though you may not require a permit to install grab bars, it is still essential to know the code. Understanding the code is vital in facilities that will need to pass a building inspection.  Grab bar code ANSII-ICC A117 is apart of the International Code Council (ICC) code standards.  According to the ICC, a toilet needs a vertical bar in front of it and horizontal bars next to and behind it. Roll-in showers that are wheelchair accessible and transfer showers that are not wheelchair accessible need horizontal grab bars on at least two walls. Transfer showers also need a vertical grab bar on the showerhead wall.

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