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Man Hours: 2.1 Hrs
No. of Units/Quality: 1 Patch

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Debris Removal
Ceiling Patching Materials & Supplies
Ceiling Painting.



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The Best Ceiling Patching Services New York, NY to Bring a New Look and Feel

Drywall repair and ceiling patching is a common service that you may require at any time. No matter it is a residence or commercial place, Ceiling Patching Services in New York cab be a great help. Several reasons lead to drywall or ceiling damage that needs to be resolved such as moisture damage, remodeling, wallpaper amputation, fire or smoke damage, and such additional impacts. So, hiring professional Ceiling Patching Services is often required.

Are you in the need of the best Ceiling Patching Services New York, NY or Debris Removal or Ceiling Painting? Bookacrewe is an ideal approach for you. It is a leading company that has a wide network of Residential & Commercial Contractors and can help assist you with your room, office or house projects.

Our broad contractor network is capable enough to handle repairing or patching sheetrock walls or ceiling. By using their years of experience, they can patch cracks or scratched sheetrock including texturing and painting. If you have old-fashioned or outdated ceiling layers and need to update it, then we can help you. Our expert contractors can modify the entire ceiling area with such beautiful textures.

Any kind of damage such as holes, dents, cracks, etc in your drywall or ceilings can now be easily repaired. Our Sheetrock experts can deal with any sort of sheetrock service and able to bring a brand a new look and feel by repairing the current texture and paint. Bookacrewe is a leading and trusted company that provides the highest standard of Ceiling Patching Services in New York, NY through its broad contractor network.

If there is a joint tape, it will appear as peeling from the drywall and leads to several other issues. We provide the best experts to repair the joint tape and make sure an immaculate look. In the nails extraction, they will remove the original nails and repair or patch it as per the process.

We cover both commercial businesses and residential homes. Our contractor network is completely trained, skilled, and licensed and uses elite specialized grade equipment, tools, products and supplies. We aim at delivering the best results to meet client satisfaction. Do not hesitate to call us when you require Ceiling Patching Services in New York, NY.

No matter your drywall or ceiling required patching or repairing, all you just need to give us a call on time. We will handle it at the best pricing range.

This price includes base labor. Labor may change if the scope of work changes for your Ceiling Patching service based on the onsite review.
For patch sizes of up to to 4 Square Feet.

What we do:-

– We will cut out hole in ceiling
– Then apply Sheetrock patch
– Tape and mud joint
– Lightly sand and re-mud joint
– Final sand for primer/finish ready
Includes prepping the work area, and clean up. Does not include Debris Removal

Other services you may need to order from us:-
Debris Removal
Ceiling Painting

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