Bathroom Remodel

Pay a 15% deposit per item


“This price includes only basic labor. Labor may change based on the onsite review.”

Bathroom Remodel Labor $8000

Labor Deposit Only $1200

Balance $6800 paid directly to Service Pro on completion of the project for labor only.

This includes labor for:

– The removal and replacement of the bathroom sink, sink cabinet, plumbing for the drain, and hot and cold water lines. Remove and replace of new sink faucet.

– Removal and replacement of toilet bowl.

– Removal of sheetrock and mold moisture, installation of new sheetrock.

– Install the New bathtub and remove the old bathtub.

– Remove existing tiles, replacement of new tiles and cement board, installation of tiles around the lower part of the bathroom and shower area to the ceiling.

– Removal of all light fixtures and replacement of new light fixture with fan.

– Remove and replace the medicine cabinet and compound.

– Paint walls and ceiling.

– Removal of old floor tiles and replacement of new floor tiles.

– Repositioning of the door.

– Remove and replacement of all shower bodies, and plumbing of waterlines going to the shower. Removal and replacement of drain.





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