Interior Painting and Drywall Repair


This price includes only basic labor. Labor may change based on the onsite review.”

Interior Painting and Drywall Repair Labor and Materials $1000

Labor Deposit Only $120

Balance $680 paid directly to Service Pro on completion of the project for labor only.

Materials are to be provided by the customer or the cost of $200 for materials should be paid directly to the Service Pro upfront.

This includes basic labor to paint a kitchen with favorable site conditions. Prep up – clean, Caulk gaps, and spot prime. Roll/brush 2 coats of paint over lightly textured ceiling/walls.

– It includes compounding and sanding a small area in the kitchen.

– It includes preparing the work area and cleanup.

Labor cost to paint the kitchen $600

Labor cost to compound sand and paint a small area in the kitchen $200


– Add-On Rate is 75% of the Regular Rate

– After-Hour Rate is 125% (Appointments Before 9am or After 7pm)

– Ask about our Member 5% and Value Rates 10% off your service.

– Need Material acquisition (pick up)? Pay separately $84 at

– Picking up or Purchasing yourself and need measurements? Pay separately $84 at, and we will get you the measurements/0  needed.

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