Concrete Step Railing Installation

Concrete Step Railing Installation Concrete Step Railing Installation

Simple labor required to install Concrete Step Railing Installation in favorable conditions.

Concrete Step Railing Installation $650

“This price includes only basic labor. Labor may change based on the onsite review.”

Labor Deposit Only $97.50

Balance $552.50 paid directly to Service Pro on completion of the project for labor only.

Materials are to be provided by the customer or the cost for materials should be paid directly to the Service Pro upfront.

This price is for a specific customer for Concrete Step Railing Installation for the picture below of 3 Steps and a Landing.

By Cole Way Contracting  Licensed & Insured Servicing Allegheny County, PA and surrounding areas

Concrete Step Railing Installation
This price is for a specific customer for Concrete Step Railing Installation for this picture of 3 Steps and a Landing.


Booking Instructions for Concrete Step Railing Installation

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Here are some DIY Tips on Concrete Step Railing Installation

Before installing a railing on concrete steps, measure each step. You should measure the length of each concrete step, as well as its 90-degree angle. Also, measure the distance between the landing and the last stair. Make sure that the handrail is properly placed. Make sure you drill holes for mounting anchors.

After that, it’s time to install the handrail.
Mark the spot where the holes will be drilled for the metal railing after measuring. Next, drill the holes using a hammer drill with a concrete bit. Use high pressure to give concrete more bite. Also, move the drill slowly. Place the metal railing on top of the holes and align it with the markings to determine the height.

When it come to Concrete Step Railing Pilot holes should be drilled in walls to allow for the installation of screws.
These pilot holes should be at most two-1/2 inches in depth and vertical. To make it easier to fit bolts better, you can use hammer drill meters to measure the depth of the holes. You must ensure that railing supports are level.

Concrete steps need a 304-grade stainless steel railing.
It should measure at least 30 inches high and 36 inches long. It is very easy to put together. Once you have assembled the parts, you can start the Concrete Step Railing installation process. It typically takes five steps. Measure the height of each top step and bottom step. Once you have established the height, mark each location for each top tread or bottom step. Attach the handrail to each post. Use coordinating secondary handrails to create straight lines along concrete steps. Once the posts are attached, secure the handrail by securing it in place. Use the right anchor bolts to ensure that your railing is secure.

Aluminum handrails are another option for installing handrails on concrete steps
These handrails can be installed quickly and are sturdy. These handrails come with all the necessary parts for installation. You will need the right hardware depending on the type, size, and style of your handrail. Before installing handrails, measure the distance between each step. Make sure you choose weather-resistant materials when choosing railing material. Aluminum is a strong material that won’t rust. Before making your final decision, consider how much foot traffic the Concrete Step Railing will receive. Aluminum is an excellent choice in areas with little traffic.

You should use 8 cubic inches cement per post for steel railing. You must use the correct anchors to ensure your railing is secure. You should use the same size anchors as the posts. The anchor bolt won’t reach the required depth in concrete if it is not the same diameter as the posts.

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