Deposit does not include price for materials. It is for labor only. Materials are to be provided by the customer or cost for materials should be paid directly to the Service Pro upfront.

Bathroom Vanity Replacement

“This price includes only basic labor. Labor may change based on the onsite review.”

Bathroom Vanity Replacement $190

Deposit $48
Balance $142 paid directly to Service Pro on completion of project

– Detach from adjacent surfaces.
– Break into haul able pieces.
– Remove from home and dispose of legally.
– Fabricate plumbing cutouts in back panel.
– Level and secure vanity to wall.
– Scribe exposed panel edge to wall surface or apply molding at edge.
– Assemble, install drawers and hardware.

– Does not include Debris Removal Other services you may need to order from us. Debris Removal Cabinet Repair Materials & Supplies

– It includes preparing the work area and cleanup.

– Add-On Rate is 75% of the Regular Rate

– After-Hour Rate is 125% (Appointments Before 9am or After 7pm)

– Ask about our Member 5% and Value Rates 10% off your service.

– Need Material acquisition (pick up)? Pay separately $84 at

– Picking up or Purchasing yourself and need measurements? Pay separately $84 at, and we will get you the measurements needed. 

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