Get Acquainted with the BookACrewe Home Maintenance Services

Get Acquainted with the BookACrewe Home Maintenance Services

Home maintenance services involve the diagnosis and resolving general problems. Some problems can be easily fixed through DIYs, whereas some require the assistance of professionals. If you are also looking for some professionals to repair your home problems, then you have landed on the right platform. Let’s take a plunge into some of the highlighted services that we offer to our clients.

 Electrical Maintenance

This requires keen precision and needs to be handled by an expert. It’s crucial to maintain all the electrical fittings of the home. At the same time keeping a regular check on them to avoid any misshaping in the future. We offer electrical installations that include the ceiling fan, electric wall heater, LED lighting, light switch installation, and many more.


This is essential to keep the fresh water flowing in while flushing out the waste from your home. Our plumbing services generally involve faucet repair, drain removal, bathtub repair, gas line repair, shower-head installation, the unclogging of the drains plus a lot more.


Handyman is also known as a handy worker or fixer. They are skilled in fixing distinct repairs that could be a light plumbing task or any electrical task. Some of the services featured in our handyman section are cabinet repair, ceiling patching, dishwasher installation, landscape lighting installation, and many more.

Pest Control

Pest control is the management of the pest that could adversely affect human beings. These pests can contaminate the food, chew the fabrics and damage the home infrastructure as well. Our experts make the use of chemicals to destroy them from the roots.

Cleaning and Hauling

This includes the on-demand removal of old junk/debris from the house and delivering it to a recycling center.

Get help from a professional contractor in the BookACrewe Home Maintenance Services Network. All our contractors have been background screened and are efficient in providing services for various projects. These related to homes, rooms or office renovations, installation and maintenance solutions. We also provide you with at least an one year warranty.

Are you running low on funds? You can even pay in installments. You can stay assured of cost-effective and reliable services. Shop for your services online, request a Free Phone or Onsite Estimate at ( or call us at (888)-507-9852. Home Maintenance Services at it’s best.

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