Home & Office Improvement - Ceiling Fan Installation

A ceiling fan is a commonly used appliance, and installing it is not rocket science. Read on to find out more about fixing your ceiling fan.

The checklist given below will give you an idea about the things you will require for installing the fan:

1. Fan Body and Blade

2. Downrod

3. Shackle/Mounting Kit

4. Stripping Plier and Plier

5. Canopies

6. Tester

7. Insulation Tape

Where Should You Install Your Ceiling Fan?

You need to install the ceiling fan in a room where your family spends a lot of time. The obvious choices would be the bedrooms, the kitchen, the family room, and the den.

 But it is a matter of personal preference. These appliances significantly add to the décor of any room. It is essential that you choose a ceiling fan that goes well with your décor and personal style, and BookACrewe will be more than happy to send over a pro to install it for you.

Ceiling Fan Installation Tips:

Some of the other things that you need to consider once you have finalized the place for installing the fan.

Position and Height: Make sure that you are placing the fan right in the middle of the room and at least 8 to 9 feet above the floor.

Downrods: You can contact the expert team of BookACrewe and get to know about the down rod length.

Electricity and support: If there is no light fixture in the particular room, you will need the help of a licensed electrician.

  Get help from a professional contractor in the BookACrewe Network for a  Ceiling Fan Installation or a Ceiling Fan Replacement.  All their contractors have been background screened and are well known for providing services for various projects related to different homes, rooms, or office renovations, installation, and maintenance solutions. They also provide you with at least a one year warranty. Are you running low on funds? You can even pay in installments. You can stay assured of cost-effective and reliable services.  Shop for your services online or request a Free Phone or Onsite Estimate at (https://www.bookacrewe.com) or call (888)-507-9852.


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