We are in the third month of the year with significant progress. For the first time, we are proud to announce our agent of the month, Kareen Sinclair. Congratulations, Kareen, on such a great accomplishment.

Kareen has been working as a sales rep at BookACrewe for approximately 2 years and 3 months, and she’s been doing an excellent job thus far. According to Miss Sinclair, her love for work motivates her to keep pushing through and turning up to work each day. At the first start of working at BookACrewe, Kareen did not know much about construction sales or online software,  but she managed to teach herself. That made her learn how to work by herself, and it also helped her find potential she didn’t know she had within. 

 Helping the customers give her an unexplainable feeling, especially when they are pleased with how the jobs are handled, so her aim each day is to ensure that her customers are comfortable and get their money’s worth. She is a team worker but getting along with her peers is something she’s working to improve on. This young lady is someone that you can depend on when you need a job done. She is very much reliable and always tries her best to be on time with the work. Her work attitude is very diligent, and she is very patient with her customers, who always give her great reviews. 

 A particular customer once wrote a review, and we, at BookACrewe, were so proud and felt highly honored. This is what the customer stated:

“Kareen at Book a Crewe is a great person to work with. She was thoughtful in listening to my needs to install an attic ladder, but before I committed to a bid, she helped me get a question answered by a contractor regarding the ladder measurements. It helped me feel more confident with accepting the bid. She was also instrumental in helping me find a contractor who could do the work within a week AND was interested in pricing the project in a price range.

Furthermore, the contractor she booked, Artie Nieves, and his assistant did a great job. The installation was done correctly, they were efficient, considerate with avoiding scratches with floor and paint, followed Covid protocol with masks, and were nice fellas to talk to. 

They had the right experience for the job. Couldn’t be happier with the experience and outcome and I recommend consulting Book a Crewe when you need a project done.”

Sinclair had obstacles to face just like everyone else, but being the strong person she is, she overcame them. She has a lot of potential within herself, and I believe that she can achieve anything that she puts her mind to. Her accomplishments over the past years have proven that she is a powerful and dedicated person because we know that the work can get overbearing at times. Kareen stated that her most significant accomplishments this month have been her sales, which was expected because her patience and passion for dealing with her customers helped her increase her sales. It was also an inspirational and motivational momentum for herself and others.

WE are truly blessed to have Miss. Sinclair. She is very dedicated to this company and stuck with us through thick and thin. She didn’t have to, but due to loyalty, she did, and she has made great progress over the past years that she’s been with us. We are hoping to have her with us for even a much longer time and grow with the business. Kareen, we, at BookACrewe, would like to say thank you for all the great work and dedication and we hope that you’ll encourage and inspire others to do their best. This is an excellent example that anyone can achieve anything as long as they’re willing to work for it. So to every agent at BookACrewe, work hard, and you shall achieve great things.


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