Why Plumbing DIY is Not A Good Idea?

Plumbing DYI is never a good idea! So, you have a leaky pipe and want to save some cash to fix it yourself. Every day, well-intentioned homeowners walk through the doors of home improvement stores armed with determination and the desire to prove their DIY skills. Unfortunately, when it comes to plumbing repairs, going the DIY route might prove full of obstacles and could become rather expensive. Check out the following DIY hazards and why calling for professional plumbing services is always recommend.

If you were thinking about a “do it yourself” plumbing project, you may want to think again. There are so many things that could go wrong! It may just be better to call a professional (BOOK A CREWE) and let them tackle the problem.

Of course, you want to save as much money as possible, so you are thinking “sure I can do this myself”. However, you may want to think about a few things before you get started.

  • Do you have the knowledge?
  • You may be very handy, but does your skill set include training in plumbing?
  • Do you have the proper tools to complete the task at hand?
  • Once you have the required tools, do you actually know how to safely use them?

You could run out to the local hardware store to buy the tools you need, but that gets pricey. These are just a few of the factors you should think through before undertaking any plumbing project. Now, onto the more complicated situations that could arise when trying to complete a plumbing project on your own. 

Drain clearing liquid can cause more damage while Plumbing DIY

Clogged drains or water sitting in your sink or tub may be one of the most common plumbing issues that arise. Of course you think, “ Let me run to the store to grab a jug or two of clog clearing liquid and that will fix the problem”.

Of course it may temporally unclog the drain but does it actually correct the problem?

Think about this for a second. The liquid is made up of harsh and dangerous chemicals, which could actually be harmful to you and, believe it or not, harmful to your pipes. This type of liquid could be quite corrosive to any of your pipes. It doesn’t matter if you have PVC pipes or copper pipes.

Now, imagine what using this harsh clog clearing liquid a few times a year is doing to your pipes. Not to mention that but more than likely, it is not actually fixing the problem. At some point you will need to call a plumber to correct the underlying problem–doing so at the first sign of a problem will save you both time and money in the long run. 

You did not shut the water off at the correct location 

Maybe you know how to turn your sink or tub or washer off.

  • But can you turn off the water to your toilet?
  • How about your entire house?
  • Is there a main valve that you have to locate to turn off all of the water to your house?

The answer is, yes. You will need to locate this valve in order to shut off the whole house.

If you are asking yourself these questions, then perhaps you need to call a plumber. We have all seen the sitcom episode that shows the lead actor trying to fix the plumbing or install a new shower head. Things never go exactly as planned. Before you know it, there is water spewing everywhere and the kitchen or bathroom is flooded.

Don’t turn your life into a sitcom! 

The valve is stuck and you can’t turn it back on 

If you are smart enough to know where your main line valve is, there is no guarantee that you will be able to turn it back on once you have completed the project. Stuck valves have been known to happen. This valve is not used often, so it can get rusty or corroded. And stuck in the off position.

Again, calling the plumber in the first place may have been the easier and wiser choice. 

You have made the problem worse 

This is the real nightmare–you not only can’t fix the problem, but you have managed to create a much larger mess. You need to shut off the main source of water to the house. But you are not really sure where that valve is. In the time it takes you to find the valve to shut off the water, you have successfully managed to flood your kitchen or bathroom.

Standing in ankle deep water is not exactly the time to think about calling the plumber.

Calling the plumber now for an emergency visit is not going to save you any money. Calling the plumber to do the project in the first place would have saved you a lot of time and a lot of aggravation. 

The mess that you now have to clean up 

You do not really want to call a plumber under emergency circumstances. Sometimes doing so cannot be avoided. The easiest way to avoid calling the plumber in an emergency is to make calling the plumber your first choice. Attempting to fix it yourself may only lead to costly water damage to your floors, basement, home goods, and entire house.

If the problem occurred on the second floor, water could leak down into your walls. Now not only do you have to call the plumber, but you will also have to worry about mold in your walls.

Save the money. Call the professionals. 

Your entire weekend is now shot 

We all lead hectic, busy and stressful lives. Do you seriously want to spend your evening or worse yet your Saturday and Sunday off working on your plumbing?

A project that will likely take you hours or even days to finish, your local plumber could probably have done in minutes or a couple hours. Your time to relax or be with your family is worth more than the cost of a plumber. 

You have wasted precious time and money 

When you add up all of the incidentals such as tools, mistakes, time, and parts it may have just been a much better decision to call the professional plumber in the first place. Leave things such as clogged drains, broken hot water heaters, busted pipes, and installing new faucets to the professional plumbers.

These plumbers have the correct tools, knowledge and skill set to handle any situation that may arise when it comes to your plumbing needs.

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